Free shipping on all orders in the contiguous united states. And 10% discount for orders of 2 or more items.
Free shipping on all orders in the contiguous united states. And 10% discount for orders of 2 or more items.
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Improving the operation

Over the holidays we worked hard to improve to area that we have dedicated to the laser machine. We installed a new exhaust fan that pulls the air through the wall versus out the window and more than tripled the CFM. And with the temps dropping to the single digits, being able to keep the window shut is a huge benefit. We also added a two new dedicated circuits to the laser room to be able to handle the load of the various accessories needed. What does this mean to you... not much, but it does make it more desirable for us to continue producing more products.

Speaking of product. In January we added two new products to the website. First was the combat tracker. It's an all cast acrylic system to track critical game information like battle tactics, grand strategies, triumphs. Plus there are tokens for many spells, prayers, and command abilities found the the Generals Handbook. On top of all that, when you order one you can specify your name, or whatever you want, to be engraved on the tracker making it uniquely yours.

The second product I  really like. It's simply a set of measuring sticks and objective markers. However, you can customize every measuring stick with whatever name you desire. These sticks are made from 1/16" plastic which gives them a nice gaming feel with a slight amount of flexibility. My goal with these is to allow groups to either buy pre-creates designs or work with us to develop a team design unique to your group. You can check out the sticks already created for my local Indianapolis Wargamers group.

With all this going on I'm finding myself enjoying the custom gaming accessories. Whenever I go to stores I prefer to use items that have my names on it, especially combat gauges, as I like knowing for sure the items I put back in my bag are mine. So going forward I plan to try to offer a level of customization to the products we sell. It may require a bit more time to get products shipped but I feel it is worth it in the long term.

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